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Ultrends Waterproof Repellent Bracelet Watch - Natural, Non-Toxic, Ultrasonic for Adults & Kids

Ultrends Waterproof Repellent Bracelet Watch - Natural, Non-Toxic, Ultrasonic for Adults & Kids

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• PHYSICAL DRIVE -- This product adopting microcomputer ultrasonic frequency, enables to transmit 360° ultrasonic wave, electromagnetic wave and bionic wave that can interfere with the auditory and nervous system of mosquitoes so as to drive them away.

• METHOD -- Research shows that female mosquitoes bite human or animals during breeding season to nurse their eggs. Meanwhile, they stay away from male mosquitoes. Smart mosquito repellent simulates oscillating waves frequency emitted by male mosquitoes to drive female mosquitoes away. Additionally, this smart mosquito repellent does not contain any chemical agent, and does not kill mosquitoes making it environmental and healthy.

• HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL -- Made of safe materials, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe for children and adults. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, our mosquito repellent bracelet protects you from mosquitoes.

• FUNCTION -- The wristband uses high-frequency, incredible sound waves to protect you from mosquito bites no matter where you are.

• DESIGN -- With clock function, you can check the time anytime, anywhere. please do not cover the item under clothing, better to wear over clothing.

• PORTABLE -- The mosquito repellent bracelet can be worn on the wrist, you can connect it to the backpack, the stroller for more convenience, waterproof, and will not affect your daily life.

• WIDELY USE -- Effective for driving mosquitoes away, both children and adults can use it, whether you are indoors, camping, fishing, sports, barbecue, barbecue, barbecue is very suitable for your comfortable summer experience.

• EFFICACY -- The product is 80 to 90 % efficient, however there are no scientific proof of efficacy.

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