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ULTREND Pickleball Paddles Set with Carry Bag

ULTREND Pickleball Paddles Set with Carry Bag

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•WEIGHT BALANCED IN THE MIDDLE - ULTREND Pickleball paddles have a precise weight distribution on the bottom of the handle, the top of the racket, and the joints, so its strength and agility will amaze you. 7.78oz lightweight.

•MASSIVE SWEET SPOT - Pickleball paddle Face Dimensions: 11.22" L x 7.84" W x 0.59" H with 4.72″ grip length and 4.25″ grip circumference; Extend the width of an oversized paddle shape for the largest sweet spot. This delivers a racket with a remarkable ball response, optimizing shot accuracy and returning more energy back to the ball with every shot.

•POLYPROPYLENE HONEYCOMB CORE - Built for consistent speed, using advanced polypropylene honeycomb, the ULTREND pickleball rackets’ thicker core transfers more energy but produces a soft POP sound, which thanks for our endless hours of research and testing exclusively to both the sound and feel in a paddle. It is great for communities with noise restrictions.

•FIBERGLASS SURFACE - Pickleball racquets are made of utilizing high-strength unidirectional fiberglass that is arranged at very precise angles by meticulously hand-laid for an ideal level of strength and stiffness with a surprising light weight. Fiberglass face has more power than graphite face which can cushion each hit with supper POP, generates unmatched ball spin.

•ALL IN ONE - Package includes: 2 Pickleball paddles, 2 Yellow outdoor balls, 2 Green indoor balls, 1 portable carry bag.

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