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ULTREND Explorer - Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet

ULTREND Explorer - Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet

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• Smart Fit Design - Colored Screen Fitness tracker with Bluetooth connectivity is equipped with BLE 5.0, which makes the device compatible to nearly all the new phones.

• Activity Records: Record daily calories, distance, quantity, count, step pedometer, activity duration

• Notification Remind: intelligent notification be clear at a glance, convenient timely access to telephone, SMS, & other information.

• Through touch button began to ring view information content.

• Sedentary reminder, reminds you to leave the seat for just the right amount of exercise

• Before making the purchase please make sure that the phone is Bluetooth v 5.0 compatible.

• Anti-lost and Remote: When the smart phone is beyond the Bluetooth range (5m), the device vibrates to remind.

• The readings on this item may differ from other items because each item may have a different algorithm.

• Accuracy: 85%, the reading cannot be compared to any other item.

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